Small Business Accounting

We will prepare financial statements based on your in-house accounting records in the event you need to borrow form financial institution, and provide any relevant consultation during the loan application process.  If you involved us in the very beginning process, we would help negotiate with various lenders or assess the loan proposals to your benefits.

We also estimate monthly or quarterly income taxes that your business is responsible for.

Being one of the quickbooks Certified ProAdvisors  Online, we have the ability to compile your daily accounting records at mutually agreed upon reasonable fees, or we could help identify and select the most suitable accounting software for your business needs.

Often, Payroll is an important and daunting task for small business owners.  Whether you are looking to outsource payroll or find a new payroll service, we can make it effortless and stress free.  Our team could take it off of your plate and allow you to focus on your daily operating needs.  We can set up, run and monitor your payroll program ensuring you are compliant with payroll laws.  We can also  train your personnel to process the payroll in house.

More than Accounting

Company Benefits

401k PlanAs the owner of a growing small business, setting up a retirement plan for you and your employees is a smart way of leveling the playing field with larger companies.  A retirement plan will attract and retain valuable employees and may offer tax advantages as a business owner.

Our team could assist you to evaluate various 401k plan providers by looking through their proposals, measuring the associated expenses and fees and define the details of the plan and services; including the enrollment process, support services and hours,  evaluating bench-mark investment options and available loan options for rainy days.

Executive BenefitsThere are quite a few exclusive and custom designed programs gearing toward owners, higher-pay executives and their families are in existence for your choosing.  Our team will evaluate these options and help you determine what will be best for your personal needs.

Business Valuations

The worth of your businesses/practice is the foundation for any contemplated business merge or acquisition or succession planning.  The “value” is also key to report on your business returns as well and it could be one of the “audit” key points.  Valuation methods are many; selecting the “best” one requires the understanding of the nature of your business, the legacy you want to leave, and the relevant business and individual income taxes and possibly individual gift and estate taxes.

So when you want to brainstorm a venture, we will listen and offer various possible strategies for you to evaluate.

And, when it is time to map out business succession plan, whether you wish to sell your business to a third party with a highest offer, or to have your family member(s) take over, we will help answer any questions that you might have as an objective advisor, and plan the transition in a most tax efficient way possible.

In short, our goal is to assist small business owners to identify the most tax advantageous way of saving for their retirement and to fund their children’s education.

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